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  • The Word HCMC – Best New Restaurants of 2010


    Earlier in the year we ran a feature on New York Steakhouse. Here was a new 1940s-style Hollywood themed bistro and diner selling arguably some of the best steaks in Saigon and yet it was both set up and run by two French guys. It was an anomaly but it seemed to work.

    Nine months on and this venue sits up there with some of the best. The steaks here continue to draw in the crowds. They are far from the greasy and cheap hunks of meat purveyed at places such as Diem Hoa Son or Beefsteak Nam Son. The New York sirloin, for example, weighs in at around US$20. Buy the equivalent in a similar restaurant in New York and you’ll be paying double. It’s American quality at Vietnamese prices.


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