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  • Delicious Magazine – New Steakhouse & Winery in District 1


    Best steak restaurant in Vietnam is New York Steakhouse & Winery which serves up a whole range of beef dishes from Rib Eye Steak, New York strip steak, T-bone to Tenderloin. Secret’s not just in the piece of meat.

    What makes New York Steakhouse & Winery one of the best places for steak and wine isn’t merely the choice of gourmet steaks that the restaurant offers but really the combination of a few essential qualities.

    The preparation has to be correct. Most people make the mistake of assuming that cooking a steak is just about throwing a piece of choice meat on a hot surface and removing it at the right time. When they discover it didn’t work, they blame the diaster on the piece of meat. Cooking a steak is a lot mor ethan that but that’s the reason why diners go out to eat, right?


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