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  • AsiaLIFE – New York Steakhouse & Winery


    When guests sit down in the exquisite art deco dining room at New York Steakhouse and Winery, they are presented with a felt-lined box containing a selection of steak knives. Straight or serrated edge, wooden or steel handles.

    Such attention to detail and creating a complete dining experience is obviosly a high priority for this District 1 eatery. But at the end of the day, it is really all about the steak. Available in ‘Premium’ and ‘Choice’ grades and varying weights, all cuts are grain-fed beef imported direct from the United States.

    General manager and co-owner Herve Beal says the restaurant is focused on continually inproving the product offered to patrons. “Before we opened six months ago we flew a chef in from America to help design the menu and train our local staff.”


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