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    The Show-case ritual

    It started at the beginning of New York steakhouse adventure.


    While I was sourcing kitchen and restaurant equipments before the opening, I remembered some NY’s steakhouses serving steak with a knife displayed below it. I liked the idea but wanted to push it further. We therefore bought different knives from all around the world and thought we would provide a different knife per sort of steak (sirloin, ribeye…). After brainstorming with the team, I felt we could go beyond by considering the guest tastes or habits. Indeed, some like big American knives while others prefer traditional French Laguiole. Some like to discover new things while other are attached to what they know. Matching the steak kind and the customer choice from the kitchen was a nightmare to organize so I decided to create a small box of 6 knives that we would present to the guest in case they would like to change. When we started to bring the box at the tables, the guests’ reactions and feedbacks were amazing. It instantly made the buzz! 2 days after I was launching the production of double size boxes. All customers were requesting it. They were choosing their knife by themselves or asking for advice. They were taking the knives in their hands to compare and recommending to each other. Until today we always look to improve our boxes and satisfy our customers. So, we purchase regularly new knives. Some regulars even bring us their own knives before diner so we can present them in our own box. We have people coming to the restaurant asking to see the famous boxes. The show-case definitively became an iconic ritual of the NYSW experience!

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